The city of Churches

I just got back today from the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. It really is a beautiful city, everywhere you look there is a cathedral and all at least 500 years old!
It was so interesting to see all the different buildings of the city. Renalda and I agreed that our favorite part of touring was to see nicely painted, restored buidlings with ruins or a shack right next door. It gives the city more personality and depth. Nalda said, "who would want to see all perfect buildings?! That is simply fake, but this is truth."
My favorite experience was definitely visiting the main cathedral in the big square. I loved standing on the wishing stone outside, making a wish while spinning around 3 times (yes, i got a little dizzy)....oh and the inside was absolutely breath-taking. Everything was elaborate. Beautiful paintings of the disciples and Jesus all over the walls. The Lithuanian people actually disguised spending money on the church during Soviet Rule by saying the church was being used as a gallery (Those Clever Lithuanians!). But the best part about the Cathedral was how peaceful it was just being in there. I bough a candle to place for prayer @ Mary's altar and one morning I went in alone just to pray. It was incredible to sit in such a place and worship God. I didn't feel like He was any closer there than when I am in my room, but there was a definite respectful fear present as people recognized his holiness.