A crazy Sunday

isn't this amazing?
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The Enforcer.
This morning Peggy and I left @ 11 to go the local market and get fresh produce and eggs. We made our weekly stop @ the second-hand clothing store on the way; everything was 50%, what a deal! We also stopped by the Urde store (the Lithuanian art store) I'm telling you, that store is the best.
It was sunny and even warm the whole time, but within 10 minutes of getting back to the dorm, a snowstorm broke out. The snow was so beautiful that Renalda, Andrea, Peggy and I decided to go run out in it and take some pictures. We were having an excellent time, until Viddy and Martinis (boys across the hall from Peggy) decided to start a snowball fight with us. We were yelling so loud that I guess everyone in the dorm wound up watching us from their windows...haha it was probably a funny scene to watch: Renalda kept screaming, Peggy was yelling, "Prasom, ne, Prasom!" (Please no, please!--as if Lithuanian was really going to make them stop!) Andrea was trying to take pictures and yelling, "Don't get my camera wet, seriously guys." And I was trying to stay out of the fight but everytime I got hit, i got mad and would attack them...overall it was somewhat unsuccessful on the girls side. So we ran off to the grocery store, Ikiyuokis, to buy some food. We took some more pictures in the snow on the way back. It was so cold tonight that the snow actually has stayed, but its very icy. I haven't fallen yet though...proud of myself on that one.