"My Fair Lady"

"My Fair Lady" the play
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I actually got to attend the play here! I was estatic to say the least. It was exactly like the movie Dad! (you would've loved it!) except for of course being in Lithuanian, but we all sang along in English. Liza Doolittle even looked remarkably similar to Audrey Hepburn, I was amazed. It was a fun evening going out with some of the Study Abroad girls.
We went to a traditional Lithuanian food restaurant afterwards. Rachel and I got the kapte duona (fried bread with cheese and mayonnaise)--you wouldn't believe how good it is, i'm definitely getting the recipe...and then i'll make it for all of you North Americans back home. We also split apple pie with vanilla ice cream--that was a little more taste of home, and excellent of course.
Afterwards I came home and got to talk to Bjorn over the internet, which was nice. The Youth Extreme retreat is this weekend and he a bunch of Trinity people are leading it--hopefully it'll be excellent. It's the biggest event of the year for the kids! They all look forward to it, so it should be good.