Renalda's Name Day

The ladies strike a pose
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In Latvia, there is a famous tradition, where all names are put on a calendar and then when it is your name day you celebrate your name.
So my roommate, Renalda has a rare Latvian name, but this year was the first that she was on the calendar so we went out to her favorite spot, the 12th floor restaurant of the Klaipeda Hotel to celebrate. It was me and 5 Latvians which was a bit frustrating cuz I'd have to tell them to speak in English once in awhile, but it's interesting how well I can tell just from listening and watching their body language what they're saying. The lighting of the table made for really cool portraits, so we wound having a photo shoot (well it wasn't, but i called it that! haha)
It was such a fun evening, minus the trick the boys played on me. They made me think there was something excellent to see on the 9th floor, so when we got there I was anticipating a beautiful view of the city. Well, it was actually a strip club! I went from a gasp to turning around and almost curling up on the ground. The boys just laughed. I was very mad with Ivars (who took me there), well I tried to be, but they were all laughing at me so much in the restaurant, that i had to laugh. It was bad, pretty funny, but still bad. But the evening was the best I've had since being here.