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In my room
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The dorm experience here is definitely something different. There is only one huge dorm, built in Soviet Style (piling tons of people in a single buidling with the only the bare essentials, everything was made as simple as possible). There are 13 different nationalities represented in this dorm, so it is a very multi-cultural experience. I live in a single room with three other girls-Renalda, Agata, (both Latvian) and Dovile (Lithuanian). We have two bunk beds, our own desk and shelves, and then we share a bathroom, sink, fridge and kitchen table. We also do all of our own cooking. As a Study Abroad student, I am given a monthly stipend of 550 litas, about $200 US, which is more than enough to pay for groceries-I'm able to go out, which we do almost every night, either to dinner or to a jazz club or bar.
My roommates are amazing ladies. I am already close friends with Renalda and Agata. I think tonight even, we are going to go out to Global, the local dance club (it is half price on Thursdays, so everyone, and i mean EVERY one from LCC, my school, goes). They absolutely love dancing here, which works well for me, cuz I like it a lot too, haha. The only part I do not enjoy besides obviously experiencing drunk people, is the smoke. People are allowed to smoke inside everywhere here, except for in LCC and our dorm (which is so nice). I definitely took for granted having fresh air back home. Smoke in the eyes is definitely the worse, but I guess this is all part of experiencing a different culture...which has been a challenge, but an exciting one.