Hallstadt, a city on the lake

the city out of the mist
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Saturday morning, Pamela and I left with the Tauernhof (name of her bible school here) bus to explore a city close by called Hallstadt. All I knew was that it was a very old city and suppposed to be pretty--well everything is here in the Alps. But no one told me it was on a lake in the mountains. I was in awe. Too incredible to believe.
Pamela, Raheal (one of her close friends--she's Swedish) and I went with the group to the saltmines, supposedly the oldest in the world, over 250 million years old. Then the three of us walked around the little city, the sun was shining, the mountians were in view and the whole city was out because apparently a half-marathon race had just ended. What an experience! I really enjoy Austria.

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Polythene Pam said...

Aw. that was a fun day. 3 minor corrections to the caption - I go to Tauernhof not THE Tauernhof Rahel's name is spelled without the extra a and she's Swiss not Swedish. Only the last one is of any consequence. I'm just being annoying. Love you Jenny! Miss you already!

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