A little Spain, a little Jana....yes please!

Leaving Italy was very hard: I didn't realize until I left how much I had fallen in love with the country, and i don't think I could have left it for anything or anyone less than Spain and my favorite girl, Jana. It was the first time in 4 months and 10 flights that some one actually met me at the airport. We embraced and then spent the next week going to classes, taking a lot of walks, trying not to die from the heat (it was about 100 degrees every day) and riding the metro into Madrid.

I had to fly out Saturday evening from Madrid, so Jana and I spent the day touring around Madrid. We saw Picasso and took a boat on the small lake in one of the major parks. It is one of my favorite memories, but unfortunately, all of the pictures were on Jana's camera, which was stolen a week ago. So the memories are we have to hold onto.

It was one of my favorite memories from Europe hanging out with Jana, because for the first time since flying abroad, I was with a friend that I was comfortable being around and we were able to relax and go crazy at the same time. We had such a fun time together...and parting was bittersweet. But I am so glad that I was able to experience her YWAM dts and meet all of the people that she has spent the past 3 months with.