The month of May

Here is my schedule (pronounced with a British accent please: shedule) for the people that keep asking me and for anyone else that is curious.

May 5-11: Schladming, Austria with Pamela
May 11-14: Rome--meeting up with study abroad girls (Paj Ia and Pam)
May 14-22: Assisi, Italy--staying with some Italian friends of my family
May 22-28: Madrid, Spain--staying with Jana
May 28-29: London--staying with some Lithuanian friends from LCC
May 30: fly home finally!

A little crazy, I will admit. But quite a good time.

2 notes:

Stacy said...

oh man! London! I so wish I could go there some day. So take lots of pictures of London and post them all on flickr and it will be beautiful! :-D

Jerry Gene said...

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