Roma, Roma, Roma!

Wow,what a long day of travelingç I cannot really believe i even made it. After all the connections and methods and forms of travel.


Walking around our hostel and getting lost did suck, and developing blisters on the feet--I guess that was good to get over. But dinner was so nice. For 8 euros each, Paj Ia and I had past and 2 glasses of white wine (vino bianco)ç we sat outside (and it was warm!) and an old Italian chef brought us each our meal. Can you get more Italian?? No, not for your first attempt in Roma!

I felt kinda tired after dinner, but I knew that Paj Ia and I should go out. So we took the metro to see the colloseum at night--BEA-UT-I-FUL! I couldn't believe it though, that we were actually standing outside the Colloseum. P. and I went crazy. we skipped around taking pictures and being complete tourists, saw some ancient sites, and just relaxed. Then we found the Trevi fountain and ate excellent gelato there. We were given some roses and took more pictures. We got hit on by 2 different men--Paj Ia said she was from Thailand and I told a man he could buy me pizza if fate brought us together again! Yeah, Italian men are too romantic ;)

Oh and a lady spit on Paj Ia for taking a picture--she was a bitter Italian woman, very unusual. After a couple of buses we made it back, exhausted but we had an amazing night.

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Kent said...


It's me, that old guy who is Pamela's real Papa. Pamela sent me an e-mail with your blog link in it. Hope you don't mind me vicariously enjoying your adventures :-) I've really been enjoying Pamela's blog, now there is another one to look forward to! I pray that God will richly bless your time of traveling. I think my posting will include a picture from my profile. Don't be too shocked, I am wearing the suit that I bought for Julia's wedding.
It is the first real suit that I have bought in 24 years!

My Fair Lady said...


"Benvenuito" (welcome in Italian) to my site. I am glad Pamela gave you my site. It was so good to spend time with her in Austria. And may I say you look fabulous in your striking new suit. I look forward to seeing it and you and your family of course at Julias wedding.


Jerry Gene said...

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