Straight out of London

Oh man! what a crazy but fun trip over. So many things could have gone wrong (as always with me) and yet none did. In fact, even better everything went right and better than I could have wanted. First back to Riga and leaving Eastern Europe.
[Ridiculous Riga]
I was a little nervous all day about taking my luggage on the ryanair flight. I was only allowed 15 kilos for check luggage--everything over cost $6.50 per kilo and the limit was 32 kilos total. Well my bags together equaled 31.4 kilos--ahh! The lady at the check-in desk gasped when she saw what I had. She was so kind and let me take one bag as an extra carry-on (which just doesn't happen on ryanair because it is a low-cost airline) Renald and I were amazed. So I only had to pay for 8 extra kilos, $65.00. What a deal!
Well anyway, after doing all the check-in, which of course took awhile due to me, Renalda and I went to the store, bought crossaints to share and sat down to eat and spend our last 10 minutes toegether. Right as we finished and I stood up, over the intercomm it announced that "Jennifer on ryanair" needed to go to the Info. desk. Excellent! Renalda and I just laughed. Security was waiting for me--there was something "Questionable" in my bag that they needed to check—haha, oh man.
So I had to go through customs and leave Nalda—after 5 hugs and 3 kisses and the security man laughing/nagging me, I ran off.
Apparently the “questionable thing” was my mom’s old music box which was now full of lavender. The security dude made me open my bag and search through it until we found the box. I think he felt a little foolish when he saw what it was—I just laughed and left. At this point, I had to walk straight to the boarding gate, which I made just in time.
I found Julija (Agata’s Lithuanian friend who lives in London now) and was able to sit with her and her roommate, Viktorija on board.
As if everything hadn’t already worked out, Juilija and Viktorija made my trip more amazing. Julija had already agreed to store my huge bag in her apartment (in the center of London) while I am traveling around Europe for the moth, which is so kind of her—no one else around LCC even considered helping me out!
Well as we were talking about when I would come back to London, they asked how long I would be staying and where. I told them I needed to book a hostel still and they said, “No way, you’re staying with us. We have an inflatable mattress; we need a pump, but we’ll get on e and you can stay on that.”
Then, THEN! Julija found out that I would have all of Sunday (May 29) in London and with no plans, so both she and Viktorija are going to ask for the day off of work and show me around London—I mean what the heck?! I hardly know Julija and I had just met Viktorija and here they are offering their house and their time to show me the city! Plus, they were taking my ridiculously heavy bag across London to their apartment. This was almost too much for me.
We landed safely and after an hour or so trying to figure out the best travel (it was around midnight so this was a challenge) I handed off my heavy bag (I called her Big Martha—that’s for you Ali ;)) gladly, said goodbye and let the girls go.

Now I am hanging out in the airport, listening to some men across from me speak a very weird language—I honestly think it is Icelandic (or Finnish—I know, same difference! Haha) and hoping I won’t fall asleep: it is 4 hours till my flight and no alarm clock, so I’m going for an all-nighter. I will sleep on the plane. Oh man—it is funny to look around at all of the people that are sleeping—SO many open mouths!
Tomorrow I fly to Salzburg, Austria; I will take a bus to the train station and then a train to Schladming to finally meet my beautiful Pamela. Ok, I am finally signing out for today.