Yes, the hills really are alive

With the sound of music. Honestly, I don't know how you couldn't sing when you are in the Austrian Alps--I didn't think it could be as beautiful as I had imagined, I was wrong. It is even more so...and it's been cloudy so I haven't even been able to see the whole mountain range.
But I am finally with my Pamela in the little town (well almost a village) of Schladming, Austria for the week. I arrived Thursday morning and will fly out Wednesday morning. It has been so relaxing here...being able to sleep again and take it easy. We're supposed to go for a hike today, but Pam is sick and the weather hasn't been too hot. Actually, it's sunny now, so I think I'll at least go for a long walk and find a pretty view of the area.
I cannot believe the difference in landscape here compared to Lithuania--it is a nice change. And being with an old, dear friend is also a nice change.

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