another kid moment.

setting the scene: the teacher is telling the kids about how back in the early history of the United States, the government forced Native American children to go to school to learn English. 

boy: "What if they didn't go to school? Would they go to jail?"
teacher: "Well, yes probably that is what happened. I don't know for sure." 
girl: "Yeah, they'd make them go to prison. That's happened to other people in history. Like Rosa Parks. She went to jail for sitting in the wrong bus seat... I mean come on, it's just a freaking bus seat! What's the big deal?" (as she throws her arms up in the air)
teacher: "I think we might be confusing two different kinds of situations..." (as she and I try not to laugh.)

I know, I know, I'm becoming too much like Bill Cosby on "Kids Say the Darndest Things"...but this is part of what makes working with kids so much fun. 

3 notes:

laura said...

Kids are so funny!! Are you feeling better yet? I hope all the teacher remedies helped!

Jenny Built-house said...

Haha, I think the remedies did. Yeah, finally this week I am better :)

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