So the young and youthful Gregory Christensen and Jeanette Poulsom were officially married this saturday at Jeanette's home in Corvalllis, Oregon. The Weekend started off with a quick and easy rehearsal, followed by an elegant, yet relaxed dinner in the private room at the new location of Iovino's restaurant in downtown Corvallis. Jeff, Whitney, Bjørn and I stayed after the dinner for a late night comedy show that followed the dinner. 

The ceremony was held at 2:00pm, Saturday afternoon. Jill played piano, a strong selection of "Phantom of the Opera" for the ceremony. The living room and dining room were transformed into a ceremony setting, with just over 50 people fitting. Jeanette walked down to "Beauty and the Beast." I opened the ceremony with Bible readings from Gen. 2:18-24 and Eph. 5:28, 33. Jeanette's twin grandkids were the ring bearer and flower girl, and her elder grandson (only 6years old) walked her down the aisle. Judge (and good friend of my dad) Dave Connell led the ceremony. It was followed by a "light lupper," my father's mix of a lunch and supper. The most fun element of the reception was taking a group shot (48 people total I believe) outside the house. Greg and Jeanette left for a brief honeymoon at the Oregon Coast, to be lated topped by honeymoon part II to Disneyland and Vegas. I know, totally the Christensen style! 

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Southworth Sailor said...

Very Cool!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Wow...didn't know about it. Nice one Mr. Christensen. Pictures?

laura said...

I want to see pictures too! They are so cute!

Jenny Built-house said...

this is embarrassing but between all of the setting up and prep for the wedding (and being in the ceremony) i didn't have a chance to take any pictures! i know bad.

but they had a professional photographer following the whole wedding around so i can post pics from her (in about a weekish).