the old married women?

     I had the most bizarre "moment of reflection" last night. I went to a friend's birthday party at his house, the mansion (where Bjørn lived 3rd year of twu). First thing was I forgot what it was like to live with college roommates, cuz I couldn't handle how messy the kitchen was, and I had to tell myself, 'Jenny, get a grip! Bjørn lived here and it never bugged you before!' Then as more and more people started to arrive and we began to talk about what we do, etc., I became more aware about how much different my life is now in comparison to 7 months ago. It wasn't until that second, that I actually FELT all the changes I have gone through. I wound up clinging to my married girl friend, as we both realized we were the only married girls there--or even girls in "serious relationships" there! everyone was single!--as well as the only working women there. We both commented on how we were tired of big groups and parties, and prefer hanging out in small groups. I actually felt overdressed (having just come from work meeting)! And finally, Bjørn and I had to leave at 8:15, cuz we were both tired and wanted to get sleep. All I could do was laugh as I walked away from the party that night, realizing that for once, I felt old! 

It was the first time being in a group of people my age that I actually felt older! I always feel younger, due to shortness and "childlike face." I have felt a little annoyed the past couple months with my friends that have treated me different because I am a married woman, and thus think I "don't ever want to hang out" or "only want to be with Bjørn." But last night, I felt for the first time that I am different. But being married is only 1 factor of the new equation that is my life. I've also graduated university, moved out from under my dad, and found a career style job. And for a lot of my friends from university, those changes won't happen for another year or two. So I guess it will be interesting to see what happens to all of us and our lives in the next 2 years. And if I've changed this much in 7 months, who knows what I'll be like then!

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Chris said...

JENNY LYNN BULTHUIS!!!! where was this party with all these single girls and why was i sitting at home writing code in my footy pj's and not poorly attempting to entertain/stalk them? honestly... i thought you were the girl? i thought were gonna hook me up?!?

Jenny Built-house said...

i'm sorry chris. i forgot you like 18-year-old girls ;) i actually didn't know til i got there that there would be a lot of people.

p.s. when are we going to nuthouse? wednesday night?

JW's said...

oh hey jenny we have a blog now,
i know, i know.
check it out


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