A bulimic experience

Those dang elementary kids, with their running noses and coughing little mouths got to me again with another cold. This time though, I put up a good fight and used every defense medicine I was recommended by teachers-and let me tell you, boy, do they have their recommendations! Every time some one in the staff lounge heard that I was starting to get sick I was asked, "Are you taking your airbourne?!"

"Are you taking your Zicam? Every four hours?!"
"Don't forget to gargle your salt water!"
As if there should be no reason I had any flu symptoms if I was obeying these rules! I did make it through the whole work week, to come home friday afternoon to a 3 1/2 hour nap and then a 13 hour sleep. I was feeling so good by Sunday that when we had our aunt and uncle, Mike and Marti, and Marika over for lunch, I thought 'Jenny, it's fine for you to eat the monte cristo sandwiches you made, even though they are deep fried in oil!' 
Three hours later, I woke up in pain, feeling that I might throw up. It got to the point, where terrible as I felt, throwing up was not going to happen...I told Bjørn I should almost make myself throw up and he thought it was a great idea. That way I'd feel better after! So there I sat leaned over the toilet trying to gag myself. 
I must admit I feel much better now, but today is the closest I have come to feeling like I was bulimic. Bjørn joked with me that now I would become addicted to it, but I assured him that burning throat afterwards would keep me away from that option. 
So hopefully, after a good nights sleep and an empty stomach I will be ready for work again on Monday!    ;)

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