Say What?

Can anyone else believe how much snow we've had in Northern Washington this year?! This is like the 5th time for Lynden, and by far the prettiest. School was actually cancelled today. Every other time it's snowed it's been on the weekends. The snow just keeps falling so I think I will indulge myself in some reading, and then finish up a few very belated thank-you cards. 

Tonight, our community group is (hopefully! depending on weather) going to a lecture at UBC on the topic of "Does God exist?" between theist Dr. William Lane Craig and atheist Dr. John Robert Shook. I looked up some of the articles written by each of the speakers, and it looks like it should be an interesting debate, very philosophical in nature, of course. 

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The Adventures of World Travel Girl said...

HOla Jenny Como estas

I showed Jose your photo of us at your wedding and everyone thinks your beautiful. I am very tired because I study 5 horas a dias. Yes, I learn lots like you said that I would! I am having lots of fun! My host familia owns an internet cafe y restaurante so es muy bueno!!! I go to YWAM on Monday. I fogot how much I missed this place!!!

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