Living out the Victorian life.

While looking for a spot for a romantic weekend getaway around Valentine's day, I found and fell in love with this castle. And it's in the Tacoma area!

Not only is it a bed & breakfast with private room/bathrooms, you can also schedule murder mysteries for you and your friends when you stay at Thornwood Castle. We are DEFINITELY taking a trip here one day (a day when we have more $, cuz it ain't that cheap)!

Finally, I can live out my dream of being Elizabeth Bennett, spending the afternoon touring the grounds, the early evening in the great hall, and the late evening being Lady Violet (of the game Clue) and solve the murder of Professor Plum!


Say What?

Can anyone else believe how much snow we've had in Northern Washington this year?! This is like the 5th time for Lynden, and by far the prettiest. School was actually cancelled today. Every other time it's snowed it's been on the weekends. The snow just keeps falling so I think I will indulge myself in some reading, and then finish up a few very belated thank-you cards. 

Tonight, our community group is (hopefully! depending on weather) going to a lecture at UBC on the topic of "Does God exist?" between theist Dr. William Lane Craig and atheist Dr. John Robert Shook. I looked up some of the articles written by each of the speakers, and it looks like it should be an interesting debate, very philosophical in nature, of course. 


down in East Van

Since Bjorn was going to Seattle this weekend with Earl, a friend from Church, for the Bibletech conference (I know, I know, the epitamy of Christianity meets computer nerd! ;)), I decided to head up to Vancouver to see my youth.

We spent friday night going to the TWU vs. UBC basketball game, playing guitar hero, and eating gross food at the cafeteria. I spent the night at Carla's with a couple of girls that came over for a sleep-over. Saturday while I was out for coffee with Carla, it started snowing hard, and we had to walk 6 blocks home. We got about two blocks before we were soaking and cold, so we finally called some one to pick us up.

Saturday evening was young adults bible study and as always, LOTS of card games! It seems every time I visit some one living in a big city (whether it's Portland, Seattle or Vancouver) it reminds me of how badly I want to be a city girl. Bjørn and I have both been feeling a strong pull towards the city, but we know it won't be 'til further down the road. For now, we are living it up and loving it in Lynden!

much worse

the next day, i walked around like a robot, all stiff and in pain.



i went to an aerobics class last night for the first time. The title of the class was "bootcamp." I took this title a little too lightly thinking it wouldn't be that bad. But today, I definitely feel like I have been through a day of bootcamp! Every major muscle in my body is stiff and sore...trying to sit on the floor with kids did NOT happen easily! 

I fear that tomorrow will be worse...



So the young and youthful Gregory Christensen and Jeanette Poulsom were officially married this saturday at Jeanette's home in Corvalllis, Oregon. The Weekend started off with a quick and easy rehearsal, followed by an elegant, yet relaxed dinner in the private room at the new location of Iovino's restaurant in downtown Corvallis. Jeff, Whitney, Bjørn and I stayed after the dinner for a late night comedy show that followed the dinner. 

The ceremony was held at 2:00pm, Saturday afternoon. Jill played piano, a strong selection of "Phantom of the Opera" for the ceremony. The living room and dining room were transformed into a ceremony setting, with just over 50 people fitting. Jeanette walked down to "Beauty and the Beast." I opened the ceremony with Bible readings from Gen. 2:18-24 and Eph. 5:28, 33. Jeanette's twin grandkids were the ring bearer and flower girl, and her elder grandson (only 6years old) walked her down the aisle. Judge (and good friend of my dad) Dave Connell led the ceremony. It was followed by a "light lupper," my father's mix of a lunch and supper. The most fun element of the reception was taking a group shot (48 people total I believe) outside the house. Greg and Jeanette left for a brief honeymoon at the Oregon Coast, to be lated topped by honeymoon part II to Disneyland and Vegas. I know, totally the Christensen style! 


the old married women?

     I had the most bizarre "moment of reflection" last night. I went to a friend's birthday party at his house, the mansion (where Bjørn lived 3rd year of twu). First thing was I forgot what it was like to live with college roommates, cuz I couldn't handle how messy the kitchen was, and I had to tell myself, 'Jenny, get a grip! Bjørn lived here and it never bugged you before!' Then as more and more people started to arrive and we began to talk about what we do, etc., I became more aware about how much different my life is now in comparison to 7 months ago. It wasn't until that second, that I actually FELT all the changes I have gone through. I wound up clinging to my married girl friend, as we both realized we were the only married girls there--or even girls in "serious relationships" there! everyone was single!--as well as the only working women there. We both commented on how we were tired of big groups and parties, and prefer hanging out in small groups. I actually felt overdressed (having just come from work meeting)! And finally, Bjørn and I had to leave at 8:15, cuz we were both tired and wanted to get sleep. All I could do was laugh as I walked away from the party that night, realizing that for once, I felt old! 

It was the first time being in a group of people my age that I actually felt older! I always feel younger, due to shortness and "childlike face." I have felt a little annoyed the past couple months with my friends that have treated me different because I am a married woman, and thus think I "don't ever want to hang out" or "only want to be with Bjørn." But last night, I felt for the first time that I am different. But being married is only 1 factor of the new equation that is my life. I've also graduated university, moved out from under my dad, and found a career style job. And for a lot of my friends from university, those changes won't happen for another year or two. So I guess it will be interesting to see what happens to all of us and our lives in the next 2 years. And if I've changed this much in 7 months, who knows what I'll be like then!


another kid moment.

setting the scene: the teacher is telling the kids about how back in the early history of the United States, the government forced Native American children to go to school to learn English. 

boy: "What if they didn't go to school? Would they go to jail?"
teacher: "Well, yes probably that is what happened. I don't know for sure." 
girl: "Yeah, they'd make them go to prison. That's happened to other people in history. Like Rosa Parks. She went to jail for sitting in the wrong bus seat... I mean come on, it's just a freaking bus seat! What's the big deal?" (as she throws her arms up in the air)
teacher: "I think we might be confusing two different kinds of situations..." (as she and I try not to laugh.)

I know, I know, I'm becoming too much like Bill Cosby on "Kids Say the Darndest Things"...but this is part of what makes working with kids so much fun. 

A bulimic experience

Those dang elementary kids, with their running noses and coughing little mouths got to me again with another cold. This time though, I put up a good fight and used every defense medicine I was recommended by teachers-and let me tell you, boy, do they have their recommendations! Every time some one in the staff lounge heard that I was starting to get sick I was asked, "Are you taking your airbourne?!"

"Are you taking your Zicam? Every four hours?!"
"Don't forget to gargle your salt water!"
As if there should be no reason I had any flu symptoms if I was obeying these rules! I did make it through the whole work week, to come home friday afternoon to a 3 1/2 hour nap and then a 13 hour sleep. I was feeling so good by Sunday that when we had our aunt and uncle, Mike and Marti, and Marika over for lunch, I thought 'Jenny, it's fine for you to eat the monte cristo sandwiches you made, even though they are deep fried in oil!' 
Three hours later, I woke up in pain, feeling that I might throw up. It got to the point, where terrible as I felt, throwing up was not going to happen...I told Bjørn I should almost make myself throw up and he thought it was a great idea. That way I'd feel better after! So there I sat leaned over the toilet trying to gag myself. 
I must admit I feel much better now, but today is the closest I have come to feeling like I was bulimic. Bjørn joked with me that now I would become addicted to it, but I assured him that burning throat afterwards would keep me away from that option. 
So hopefully, after a good nights sleep and an empty stomach I will be ready for work again on Monday!    ;)


Red HOT Bash 2008

red hot bash ladies, originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor.

For those of you who won't see Bjørn's dad's blog, New Year's Eve was celebrated in excellent style this year at Mars Hill's "Red HOT Bash." 

The evening was started off with dinner at the Hi-Life restaurant, an old historic fire station converted to restaurant, in Ballard. After dinner the whole Eide clan drove up to Cary Park to check out the hottest view of the space needle and downtown Seattle. Talk about gorgeous!

 The Mars Hill ballard campus turned their sanctuary into a "posh" club, hired a professional band, Bobby Medina & The Red Hot Band, which played everything from motown to salsa to funk. Bjørn and I danced the night away, and I was pleasantly surprised to see most of the Eides and Bulthuises step out onto the floor. It's one thing to celebrate the new year with a party, but it's a whole nother element, to celebrate it with the whole fam! (13 of us in all)

Michael, Marti and I were SURE it was the biggest party happening in Seattle, cuz afterall, we were at it. ;)

Check out Mars Hill for more photos.